The Bonaparte Brood

Charles Bonaparte married Letizia Ramolino in Corte, Corsica when he was 18 and she was 14. It was an arranged marriage.

Corte, Central Corsica, where Charles and Letizia were married.

Letizia’s first child died in childbirth, the second only lived for a year.

Joseph Bonaparte, Napoleon’s older brother, was born when Letizia was seventeen, and was her first child to reach adulthood.

The House in Corte where Joseph Bonaparte was born.

After Napoleon, Letizia gave birth to another ten children, but three died in childbirth, one after a few months, and only six survived to see Napoleon become Emperor of France.

The Bonaparte Brood

  • Died in childbirth
  • Died after 11 months
  • Joseph Bonaparte (07-Jan-1768)
  • Napoleon Bonaparte (15-Aug-69)
  • Died in childbirth
  • Died after 4 months
  • Died in childbirth
  • Lucien (21-May-75)
  • Elisa (03-Jan-77)
  • Louis (02-Sep-78)
  • Died in childbirth
  • Pauline (20-Oct-80)
  • Caroline (25-Mar-82)
  • Jerome (15-Nov-84)

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